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  • Dealer Agreement

    I hereby acknowledge that the information provided to HOBAO USA is correct and that any merchandise purchased from HOBAO USA will be for resale only.


    I understand and acknowledge that by placing an order with HOBAO USA constitutes doing business in the state of Virginia and therefore any transaction will subject to the laws of Virginia .


    Should policies granted by HOBAO USA, all decisions with respect to the extension or continuation shall be the sole discretion of HOBAO USA. 


    I agree to pay the Net Total of my invoices within the given amount of days from the invoice date.   I understand that if payment is not made within the given terms for an invoice a Financial Charge may be added to my account.  Finance Charges will be determined by applying a 1.5% periodic rate to the average daily balance.  I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to give written notification to HOBAO USA prior to (A) any change of ownership or (B) intended date to cease operation.  Should a change of ownership occur, the original owner is liable for any and all debts due to HOBAO USA that they have created, if a change in ownership occurs and the new owner agrees to accept debts, then HOBAO USA must be notified in writing, until then all debts incurred are the responsibility of the original party.


    In the event that payment is made by check and the check is dishonored by the bank, I agree to pay a $20.00 fee for the dishonored check for every time the check is deposited. 

    In the event that this account becomes delinquent and is turned over to any collections agency or attorney for collections, I agree to pay any and all collection fees and/or attorney fees plus court expenses, serving costs and/or other miscellaneous expenses incurred as a result of my failure to pay.  Should a delinquent account becomes any legal issues and HOBAO USA will enter the legal process with our attorney, the governing law will be based on the law in accordance to the court of Fairfax, Virginia.


    Failure to comply with HOBAO USA’s map pricing will result in the termination of use (or likeness) of any and all HOBAO USA promotional pictures, images, logos, designs, text, description information, advertisements, and / or website links to HOBAO USA’s website.


    Violating HOBAO USA’s MAP pricing while using the property of HOBAO USA may also result in the termination of any action or sale that you may have while using the property.


    All communication regarding to any possible legal subject, all parties need to either sending a written letter or email. This agreement is based on good faith and HOBAO USA appreciate all our business customers.

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